You Paid Off Your Mortgage… Now what?

    First off, congrats. Paying off your mortgage is a huge milestone, and you’d be forgiven for wondering what’s next for you. This was years in the making after all, and with those large payments disappearing, a whole new world of options has opened up. 

    For mortgage-free individuals, there’s a wealth of investment opportunities to choose from. In this article, we’ll cover some ideas that can help you make the most out of your extra money. 

    Bitcoin: A Suitable post mortgage investment?

    Once seen as an unreliable investment, Bitcoin is now viewed as a legitimate investment opportunity for the average investor. Interest in Bitcoin has remained steady over the last 10 years since it’s inception. Although it’s a market known for having regular peaks and falls, it can potentially offer some great returns if you’re careful. 

    The market hit a low point back in March of this year but its value has risen by 300% since. Because of this, Bitcoin has bounced back with a value higher than we’ve seen since 2017. If you’re looking for an investment that will keep you interested and engaged with stocks, Bitcoin could be just it. 

    Tourism and Hospitality Investment

    Events this year have meant that tourism across the globe has taken a hit, including in Australia. This doesn’t mean that tourism and hospitality investment isn’t a valid option for your extra funds. According to an article published by the world tourism council “The travel and tourism sector generates nearly 10% of economic output” globally, making it ripe for the picking when it comes to investment opportunities. In terms of post mortgage investment, it’s an option that speaks for itself.

    Tourism is an ever-evolving industry. With companies like Airbnb creating more ways for people to travel, there is constantly renewed interest in the travel and tourism sector. It does remain to be said that the tourism industry is currently experiencing a huge dip worldwide. Despite this, countries that are currently coming out of the COVID-19 outbreak such as China, show early signs of re-growth in the industry. This is an obvious good sign for prospective tourism and hospitality investors, making it worth a look for post mortgage investors.

    RTO’s in a post mortgage scenario

    An RTO or reverse takeover is an opportunity for private companies to become public entities without raising any capital. They are a quick, and simple way to make this change and they offer a lot of opportunities for private investors to buy shares. This makes it a worthwhile post mortgage investment opportunity, given the right approach.

    Unless you have a background in investment banking, RTO investments can be a little tricky to get your head around. There is a plethora of in-depth information about it online, however, provided you do some digging. Having said that, it’s best to get the help of an investment advisor if you’re thinking of going down this route. 

    Restorative Agriculture

    Restorative or regenerative agriculture is another viable option for post mortgage investment. Regenerative agriculture focuses on creating partnerships between farmers and investors. For the farmers, this means they can implement sustainable methods and regenerate the land they’re working on. As for the investors, they can enjoy the returns of farmland ownership. 

    Restorative agriculture is one of the many investment vehicles that can help anyone involved in the process. It can be a good way to build wealth, given the high demand nature of the farming industry. Furthermore, it’s also an investment in the future that helps to improve the way in which products are farmed. Companies like Agreventures facilitate investments with the mission of creating “generational wealth, by investing in the health of the natural systems that support all of us”. 

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it, 4 interesting ways to make the most of your money post-mortgage. If you want to learn more about these particular investment companies, click the links below.

    Heath Donald
    Heath Donald
    Founder of No Names Digital, Heath is a dynamic and innovative business strategist with the talent, experience and drive to recognise good ideas across a range of industries and transform them into market-busting offerings. With 25 years’ experience, Heath has a deep understanding of what it takes for a digital-age business to thrive, and a rare ability to energise the teams propelling those businesses into the future. Heath’s passion for creating and developing new ventures unlocks potential and yields high returns.

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