Women Need to Get Active with Investing—Here’s Why

    The empowerment has progressed in leaps and bounds over the years. There has been a lot accomplished in terms of equality at home, in the workplace, and even in society in general. That said, when it comes to investing in shares, there’s still a lot of hesitation on the part of many women.

    Breaking Gender Stereotypes Through Investing

    The gender pay gap in Australia is at 14.2 per cent at the moment. The full-time ordinary earnings of women on a weekly basis, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency finds, is at $261.50 less than men on average.

    By default, women are seen as giving and nurturing. Men are seen as the workers—the ones who make money and decide what’s done with it. However, in today’s day and age, that is not (and, really, should not) be the case anymore. A shift is well overdue.

    In truth, the best time for women to start actively investing is right now—if only to narrow the income gap and improve their chances. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually possible to start quite low. Investment options begin at an entry point of $500. 

    Fearless, Smart Investments

    Any woman that’s still anxious about investing doesn’t have to look very far for a reassuring start. Super funds are a great place to look! They are an excellent starter investment for people with limited income. 

    However, there are some important concerns. Where is the money invested in at present? It would be best to start observing what happens to the money. 

    Awareness is the first step towards being far less unsure or daunted by something. It’s also a good way to start getting to know the facts. Investing will then get easier the more information becomes available. Investing bit by bit in businesses and endeavours that align with your personal values and interests are some excellent places to start. What better way to enrich your fields of interest than to actively invest in their growth?

    Unsurprisingly, real estate is what a lot of newbie women investors tend to gravitate to. It’s pretty easy to see why: brick-and-mortar structures are visible. Their value is easy to see, and they’re generally seen as quite secure. It’s also a symbolism of sorts: a home is seen as safety and security not just for a single person but their whole family.

    Women can also help close the existing gap by investing in shares. Investing in shares can give you flexible hours and can absolutely be done part-time. The best part is that it can be done from a smartphone or any smart device with only a few hundred dollars as a starter.


    When it comes to making money and knowing what to do with it, there’s a gender stereotype that men take the lead. However, today women are more empowered to make their own money.  That said, women still have a lot of hesitation about investing. In truth, investing can be simple, and they can start by watching their super funds and looking into low-entry investment options.

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