Top 3 SaaS Marketing Trends to Learn and Use in 2021

    Software as a service (SaaS) or cloud computing is a business model wherein customers pay to use a software hosted on a remote computer. If you’re a SaaS business owner, you know it’s essential to plan and stay updated with the latest marketing trends to have an edge over your competitors.

    Here are the top three SaaS marketing trends to learn and use in 2021:

    1. Feature Marketing

    SaaS solutions are continually evolving, and companies constantly add new features, tools and plug-ins to their products. But in feature marketing, SaaS companies create parallel products that provide added value to a similar audience but are independent of the main product.

    These new features provide an opportunity to create more content for your website. That leads to an improvement in your search engine optimisation, better website traffic, and higher conversions. 

    Feature marketing can help your SaaS business in several ways, such as attracting new customers by expanding into distinct market segments, converting free-trial users into paying customers with an upgrade and maintaining existing customers by giving them a reason to stay.

    2. Video Marketing

    The effectiveness of video marketing in attracting customers is so undeniable, that even business owners cannot deny it now. SaaS companies need to understand how text-only content has lost its potential when compared to video content. 

    In a one-minute video, you can fit more words than what the human eye can read in a minute. In addition, you’ll be attracting users with a video instead of losing their attention span in reading the content you posted. 

    Site visitors that watch demo videos are also more likely to purchase your services compared to non-viewers. It’s undeniable that video as a medium help customers understand the full scope and features of a product and how it benefits them. That effectively increases your conversion rate and reduces your churn rate.

    In a video, viewers retain about 95 per cent of the message. Using video marketing, you can: showcase new features, create product demos and tutorials, help customers discover your software’s full potential, build trust through testimonials, and share your brand story to connect with prospects.

    3. Native Advertising

    Twenty-six per cent of internet users block ads on their devices, and that massive loss of revenue is expected to reach just above $12 billion in the United States alone in 2021. These figures indicate the waning effectiveness of display ads for SaaS products.

    However, native ads might deliver change in 2021. Since mobile users interact with their phones more than anything else in a day, you need to focus on engaging mobile audiences in their micro-moments. These are the intent-rich moments when a person reaches a device to act on a need, whether it’s to know, do, go, or buy. 

    Native ads are effective because they mask as a natural part of the website. These ads blend with existing, non-advertising content to be less disruptive and match the platform’s tone and feel. 


    SaaS business owners need to begin focusing on using effective marketing strategies to attract more customers. In an ever-changing marketplace, adjusting, evolving, and innovating are a need if you want to maintain your position. So, use these marketing trends in 2021 to improve your SaaS advertising strategy.

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