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4 Basic Stock Trading Strategies Beginners Should Know

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Without proper knowledge, trading can be overwhelming, so what can you do to reduce your risk and ensure a higher probability of success? While nothing can substitute for a proper education in trading the markets, these four top stock market trading strategies can help you get started.

1. Use Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of past market data to identify patterns that can be used to predict future market behaviour. By understanding how the market has moved in the past, technical analysts believe they can identify trends and make trading decisions that will cap4italise on those trends.

Technical analysis can be used in any time frame, but most traders use it on daily or weekly charts. It is important to remember that technical analysis is not an exact science, but it can be a valuable tool in your trading arsenal.

2. Set Limits

The biggest mistake people make when investing in the stock market is not selling a stock when it is in profit or not selling when it is in a loss. People should focus more on managing what they own and working out when to sell stocks rather than on finding new stocks to buy.

People are also worried about being seen as a failure if they sell shares that are in a loss, even though this may be the best thing to do. Finally, people are reluctant to sell shares in profit as they are worried about incurring a tax bill.

An exit strategy is a plan for how you will sell a stock if it starts to decline in value. A stop loss is an order you can place with a broker to sell a stock if it falls to a certain price. Exit strategies and stop losses are important tools for managing your risk in the stock market.

3. Buy Quality over Quantity

You should focus on buying shares in stable companies with good reputations and not likely to experience any major ups and downs. These companies will usually be large, well-known businesses that have been around for a long time. The difference between penny stocks and blue chip stocks is that penny stocks are much riskier and have a lower chance of success.

However, if you make money on penny stocks, you will make a higher percentage than if you had invested in blue chip stocks. Investing in high-quality stocks and taking a low-risk approach is more likely to give you higher returns than trying to beat the market or investing in penny stocks.

4. Don’t Speculate

The two things you can control when it comes to the stock market are when you buy and when you sell. Everything else is up to the market. So, it’s important to wait for the market to give you a signal before making any decisions.

To succeed at trading, you must get a good education and use effective strategies. Otherwise, the market will eventually take your money. It’s better to trade based on confirmation (of a trend or signal) rather than speculation.


These are four basic stock trading strategies that every beginner should know. These include buying stocks at a discount, buying stocks with low PE ratios, buying stocks with high dividend yields, and investing in index funds. Each of these strategies has its own risks and rewards, so it’s important to understand each before trading.

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