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Can You Really Make Money Through Ethical Investing?


Ethical investing might not be something you hear every day. However, they pertain to a range of investments that many people are increasingly interested in.

Ethical investing means investing in companies whose ethical beliefs align with yours. Many investors prefer to put their money behind companies that contribute to the environment or organisations that positively impact the world, such as Mawson Infrastructure Group

This particular company endeavors to provide shareholders with maximum returns through the development of energy efficient blockchain technology. Through ethical investing, you could technically make money while helping the world in a certain way. 

People are beginning to lean towards ethical investing due to a shift in the way people think about growing their money. Technology also plays a part, especially with the rise of tech-driven companies and funds that focus on making investing cheaper and easier while offering education and a positive impact.

What Are People Investing In?

Customers’ investment choices generally reflect societal happenings and politics in Australia and the world. Many people are interested in environmental issues and how Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors come into play. Not only are they performing negative screening to exclude industries they don’t want to support, but they are actively seeking out companies that are trying to enact positive change in the world.

The top three ethical preferences of customers are renewable energy and cleantech, protecting the natural environment and recycling and waste reduction. Ethical investors show that they support these causes by investing in them.

On the other hand, ethical investments ignore industries that negatively impact people and communities, such as companies connected to tobacco, gambling, alcohol and predatory lending.

Making Money Through Ethical Investing

There’s a common misconception that investing in sustainable assets results in a lower return. However, evidence suggests the contrary. Companies that seriously take environmental risks and impact have seen considerable profit for the long term. 

Of course, that is not the only variable in the equation. Investing in ethical or sustainable companies doesn’t guarantee returns. Instead, it focuses on taking industries and society in general on the right path. 

A Shift in the Investor’s Perspective

Ethical investing has changed rapidly over time, especially now that customers demand to define sustainability on their own terms instead of relying on what a fund manager tells them to invest in. 

Moreover, companies have also taken a shift in the impact they make. The United Nations has even created 17 Sustainable Development Goals that brands can keep in mind as they create sustainable business models. Since investors are the ones backing the companies they believe in with their money, they play a crucial role in helping them reach these goals.

Advances in tech and data also make it easier to demonstrate impact. Now, the future is about showing an investor the impact of every dollar they invested in the sectors they truly care about. Whether that’s avoiding carbon emission, rebalancing the workforce or boosting the health of local communities, investors deserve to see what their investment contributed to.


With ethical investing growing rapidly over the years, it is bound to expand even further in the future. With the shift in perspective and the want for change, investors demand to see that the companies they invested in have actually made positive changes. In a nutshell, ethical investing is investing in the future. That’s not going anywhere soon as more people choose to invest in the environment, society and general wellbeing of the world.

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