A Beginner’s Guide to Maximising Solar PV Systems

    In recent years, the worldwide push for sustainable development and living standards has helped many citizens re-evaluate their lifestyles and take action to build a greener future. 

    By now, you’ve probably become more conscious of how you carry out your daily life, and you’re changing your lifestyle bit by bit. From investing in reusable canisters to walking or biking as much as possible, there are all sorts of steps that you’ve either considered taking or have already taken along the way. 

    With more readily available ways to decrease one’s carbon footprint, Australians now have more opportunities to change their lifestyles. Solar PVs, in particular, have become much more accessible thanks to the rise of eco-friendliness all over Australia.

    At this point, you have already had a solar PV system installed in your home to help with maximising your home’s potential energy savings. And while standard systems are definitely slated to provide many avenues for sustainability, the problem is that most people are overlooking the opportunity to maximise their returns.

    How to Maximise Your Solar PV System

    The first thing that comes to mind regarding the topic of maximising a solar PV system is the big step of choosing solar modules. Although this measure is definitely going to help convert even more energy from the sun, it’s important to note that many other steps can be used to further elevate one’s savings.

    Let’s look at some of the most effective tips and tricks that can be used for maximising the overall capabilities of a solar PV system: 

    1. Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

    It may not seem like much at first, but the simple yet effective act of keeping your panels clean will go a long way towards bringing out the full capabilities of your solar PV system.

    Despite needing minimal maintenance to work over the years, the systems in question can experience drops in performance when they aren’t cleaned off. All kinds of dust and debris can end up covering your panels and hinder their ability to harness sunlight.

    If you want to help keep your system functional and efficient all year round, a regular solar panel clean will give you a three to five per cent efficiency boost. So, it’s well worth maintaining your solar panels!

    2. Install Your Panels Correctly

    It may seem like a no-brainer at first, but you’d be surprised at the number of homeowners that are robbing their solar panels of efficiency by simply not installing their systems correctly. And chances are that you might even be one of them.

    When panels are properly installed, they instantly become much more capable of maximising every bit of light energy. With the help of the right positioning, angle, and orientation of your solar components, the area you want facing the sun will get the most exposure 24/7/365!


    Although it may seem like finally getting a solar PV system in place can help make your home a much more sustainable place to live in, the effort you need to put in doesn’t just stop once you get everything installed. With this guide, you can ensure that you equip yourself and your property well enough to see the largest returns possible.

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