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Future-Proof: The Investment Markets That Survived 2020

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2020 has not been an excellent year for many major investment markets. COVID-19 tore through the economy and left many wondering, “Is there any market that’s truly future-proof?”

Surprisingly, there were some major investment markets that stood the test that 2020 put them through. In this quick guide, we’ll break down how these markets survived, and how they’re been investment-worthy as we go into 2021.


Interest in BTC spiked during the pandemic, and it’s still a good investment to make today. Bitcoin investing can be an important asset for a diverse investment portfolio and provide additional security during economic recessions. Bitcoin has proven regularly that it has a strong return on investment (RTO) due to its consistent climb in value.

As sourced from https://blocks.bitcoinaccess.io/2020/11/18/bitcoin-investments-keep-growing-in-value/


COVID-19 affected every sector around the world, and the hospitality industry was hit particularly hard. However, it did survive and many investors are predicting that an extended return for this industry is likely to occur in the coming months. After adjusting to the pandemic, the hospitality industry in the last few months alone has bounced back with safety regulations, stricter housekeeping routines, and digital-focused booking practices. Even during a pandemic, people will want the convenience of being able to get away– especially after months in quarantine. It is because of these factors that the hospitality industry is a strong contender for any investor’s RTO.

As sourced from https://www.tourisminvestment.com.au/en/research-insights/hotel-performance.html

Agriculture and Renewable Energy

The agriculture market faced a lot of difficulties during the pandemic, but ultimately, the industry survived across multiple global markets and has become a reliable future proof asset to invest in. Just as well, agriculture technology and sustainability businesses have also done fairly well and continue to grow and distribute widely. Many small farmers have created new opportunities for themselves by collaborating with neighbours, utilizing co-ops through the pandemic. Just as well, Australia has made its intention clear to become a renewable energy export superpower, specifically for solar energy. This will affect agriculture significantly, as well as renewable energy in general.


One unexpected industry to do fairly well towards the later half of this year would be the property and real estate markets. As more and more people are working from home, the realization that they don’t have to live in the same city as their job is started to be fully realized. Because of this, workers are leaving the city and opting for smaller, quieter towns in multiple global markets.

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