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Future Proof: Are investors getting smarter?


While the ongoing pandemic has certainly affected all of us, it hasn’t meant death for investors in all markets. The hard lessons learned in the 2008 crash may have made today’s investors smarter. There are some markets that weathered the storm and even succeeded in growing during this crisis. Here are some of the future proof markets that have investors turning a profit during dubious times.

How Did Some Of These Investments Become Future Proof?

The stock market swung low this spring but has rebounded with a vengeance. Some stocks have appreciated record levels in record time, with even tech giants seeing large upticks in value this year. Support from congress contributed to this success by lowering interest rates to almost zero. They also made use of stimulus money and backed up half a trillion dollars in loans to small businesses. The expectation from investors that the market would recover turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy and the lessons learned from the 2008 crash came into play. Because of these factors, some of the more future proof markets were able to flourish.

What Are Some Examples Of Investments That Did Well?

Bitcoin’s value is rising as records continue to be shattered. The cryptocurrency is gaining large amounts of traction as it is increasingly seen as a safe-haven asset, like precious metals and stocks. The market for the digital currency is also exploding, with PayPal opening up its 350 million account holders to buying and selling crypto directly, as well as it’s 26 million retails accepting Bitcoin starting next year. Add to the fact the added security of Blockchain and it’s resilience to inflation, one could say it has proven to be future proof.

Housing in large cities has dipped, while in rural areas, the real estate market is booming. As more and more families leave densely populate areas that no longer seem safe, they are snatching up more affordable houses as fast as they can. Mortgage companies are seeing record numbers and are even having problems hiring enough talent to service customers. 

Australia’s housing market has made a strong return and is set to surpass pre-COVID levels by the first part of 2021. Lower interest rates have made the prospect of buying a house more appealing for the Australian market. The reserve bank has set its cash rate to a record low of 0.1% and intends to hold that rate for the next three years. November saw record house prices in cities like Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Canberra. Due to these factors alone, one could definitely make the argument that this market is fairly future proof too be sure.

The Aussies have also declared their intentions to become a superpower in renewable energy export. Solar energy is a major focus, which will impact renewable energy across the globe as well as affecting agriculture. Production for agriculture has returned quickly, and farmers are slowly able to get back to what they do best.

With so many markets in play, not all of them have suffered during these trying times. It’s no wonder that these investment markets are considered by some to be future proof. If you wish to learn more about these investment markets, click the links below.

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