Putting the Spotlight on the Fastest-Growing Renewable Energy Sources in the World

    In an eco-conscious time when most of the world recognizes the importance of combating the consequences of climate change and green gas emissions, the effort to explore energy-saving solutions is now in demand more than ever. 

    By exploring different renewable energy sources, industries can find more sustainable ways to diverge from fossil fuels. But what renewable power solutions will lead the future into a more eco-friendly horizon? 

    Top Renewable Energy Sources Powering Up the World 

    1. Hydropower

    One of the enduring choices among several industries, hydropower is the fastest-growing renewable energy source that can amount to up to a whopping 54 per cent of the globe’s power generation capacity. Hydropower is also the oldest form of renewable energy source as it uses water in dams, which are released from its reservoir to move turbines that generate sustainable power. 

    Running rivers or tides can also be an excellent alternative to driving the turbines. Since hydropower can generate energy faster than others, it’s one of the primary choices for producing backup energy for pumped-storage plants. All in all, hydropower can produce 1,295 gigawatts of energy. 

    2. Wind Energy 

    Wind energy farms are booming across the world thanks to their ability to produce an incredible 12,603 megawatts of energy, making it a reliable source for sustainably powering up millions of homes. It’s a cost-effective electricity source that relies on kinetic energy, making it one of the most renewable options on the planet. 

    3. Solar Power

    Taking charge as the most accessible renewable energy source for mainstream consumers, solar power converts light from the sun into energy, making it even more sustainable than any other source on the list. The biggest solar power plant is in the United Arab Emirates, wherein the Noor Abu Dhabi solar project generates as much as 1.17 gigawatts of energy, solidifying the goal of reducing the world’s carbon footprint by one million metric tonnes every year. 

    4. Bio-Power 

    Bio-power burns biofuels and wood pellets to produce steam, then used to drive turbines to create sustainable energy. It’s a go-to choice for heat and power generation worldwide, but countries like China, India, and the UK take the lead in accounting for more than half of the globe’s bioenergy capacity expansion in 2018. 

    The Bottom Line: The Importance of Exploring the Most Effective Renewable Energy Sources Leading the World’s Efforts to Heal and Achieve Sustainability 

    The world’s leading industries constantly strive to create renewable energy solutions to reduce the globe’s greenhouse gas emissions. Staying on top of clean facts and sustainable energy sources can help keep you in the loop, allowing you to meet local energy demands and find ways to contribute to different environmental protection solutions. 

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