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The Best Hot & Cold Bitcoin Wallets For Your Crypto Needs

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As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more popular, an industry is springing up to make them more convenient to use. Whenever someone buys bitcoin, they then have to properly store it. How is this done though? The answer is the Bitcoin Wallet, a digital wallet designed for all Bitcoin needs. There are many different services providing both hot and cold wallets, each with their strength and weaknesses. 

What makes a Bitcoin wallet hot or cold?

All wallets made for crypto storage are designed to store, send, and receive tokens. A hot wallet is one that is linked to the internet. These wallets make it easier to make transactions. They are faster to set up as well as access and are often free services. The one downside to these perks is that these wallets are more vulnerable.

A cold storage wallet on the other hand is not connected to the internet and is more secure. The user has to buy a physical device that will serve as a wallet. This makes a cold wallet ideal for storing large amounts of crypto. 

If someone gets into your account and steals your coins, the lack of regulation that makes bitcoin so appealing could come back to bite you. The general advice is to only carry the same amount of money in your hot wallet that you would in your physical wallet. If it gets stolen, it will hurt, but it won’t wipe you out. The rest is best stored in a cold wallet that can act like a vault, protecting your assets.

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Best hot and cold wallets available now.

The best solution for your needs may involve having both services in use. Have a hot wallet as a free service that lets you make purchases and spend your bitcoin, while the majority of your online wealth is sealed in a cold wallet for safekeeping.

Some hot wallets worth considering include:

  • Coinbase – The Coinbase Vault has time delayed withdrawals for added protection and has a range of tools to help develop and manage a crypto portfolio. 
  • Blockchain.info – Instantly transfer crypto, directly exchange it for other cryptocurrencies, all with the lowest fees available.

Some leading Cold storage wallets are:

  • Ledger Wallet  – BTC, BCH, BTG, ETH, ZCash, Ripple, Dash, ARK, Stellar, and more can be stored. Buy, sell, and exchange crypto all in one app.
  • Trezor – BTC, BCH, BTG, ETH, ZCash, and Dash stored. It has 2-factor authentication, and you can recover your account and everything in it as long as you remember your password.

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